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Hello new friend, this short survey will give me an understanding of what your project is and what manner of Engineering Expertise you need.
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New friend, what's your first name? *

Let's start with an easy one...
Hello {{answer_36577230}}, nice to meet you.
What's your last name?

Mine's "Réjaud", nobody ever pronounces it correctly :(
What is the name of your project/ company/ idea, {{answer_36577230}}? *

It can be a temporary code name if you want.
Windows 7's code name was "Vienna" and
Window's Vista's code name was "Abomination".
Can you explain what is {{answer_36578265}} to me?

In short, what's your elevator pitch?
What kind of software would you like me to write for {{answer_36578265}}?

If you're not sure what a Mobile Backend is, it's a server that is used to keep track of users and data for mobile apps. If a mobile apps contains: user login, interacting with third party services, notifications, or having users share data with each other, you need a backend.

What key things should the {{answer_36581503}} that I'll write for {{answer_36578265}} accomplish? *

What does "victory" look like for you?
For Example:
An Android app to let people sell used sneakers to each other. 
Users can log into the app via Google or Facebook, see a list of all the sneakers for sale and send a message to the user that listed a sneaker they want to purchase.

That's a real thing btw
What is your biggest priority for the work you want me to do for {{answer_36578265}}? *

Time, Cost, and Scope are all important; understanding what is most important to you will help me tailor the project to your context.

What is your budget range for the work you would like me to perform for {{answer_36578265}}? *

I need to have an idea where your thoughts are. 
If you think you can get a Facebook clone built for $500 in a weekend, this probably isn't going to work out...

How long do you expect the work you want me to do for {{answer_36578265}} would take? *

Again, I need to have an idea where your thoughts and expectations are.
Have you had other Software Engineers work on this project before?  If so, are you looking for a new Software Engineer to "fix" problems/ issues with the project?

No shame if you do, it happens to a lot of entrepreneurs in the mobile space.
{{answer_36577230}}, If you haven't had a chance yet, please check out my Portfolio and Client Feedback on my website:

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